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Socials, Infographics, Mailers, & CTV

I had the pleasure of creating collateral for Sport Pros. After reading customer testimonials and looking at how their data describes their target audience, we decided on themes of "Future Champions," "Dreams Do Come True,"

and "You Left the City for a Reason."

Fitlife Foods

Fun fact: YouTube banner sizes have to work at three different sizes - 2560 x 1440, 2560 x 338, and 1235 x 338. The image below conveniently works for all of them! This client challenged me create new and interesting concepts for them while staying true to their very well built out brand guidelines. They dove into the suggestion for comparative advertising, which you can see in copy such as “Not Your Average Meal Delivery” and the side by side CTV concept to the right.

Treehouse Grove

My entire team was thrilled to brainstorm concepts for this company. A treehouse vacation in Tennessee excites all types of people, so we aimed to highlight its inherent appeal and feature reminders of the benefits. A relaxing vacation, close to Gatlinburg (the "attractions,") and reconnection - with family and the nature surrounding you! I fleshed out the top concepts for CTV, and used the bottom concept for billboards.


Logo, Socials, Banner Ads, Packaging, Print

This foot and ankle podiatrist wanted to increase their social media reach and launch their second business, Cure*ated foot and ankle kits. I created short form and long form videos for the original company, then developed and executed the branding for Cure*ated! I crafted each visual piece, from the logo to the hand-drawn illustrations. For print I designed product packaging and sponsorship banners.

Greensport RV Park

For this RV park we wanted to celebrate their natural and family-friendly atmosphere. I chose an easily read but adventurous font to pair with their photography and let the rest speak for itself! The only notable edit was this night scene into the Adventure Awaits campaign to offset their daytime-focused imagery, and speak to the 24-hour appeal.

Vinyl Prints

The first client work I ever produced were vinyl wraps for car designs, like the ones here! This was the most creative I’ve been when working with clients - it is the only experience I have creating for individuals instead of businesses.

Video Editing

Simple concepts:

CTV, YouTube bumpers, & FB Videos:

Vector Graphics

The Artist

Swish Shapes Simple Icon

I jump on any opportunity given to practice and build my artistic ​skillset, creating the range of creative on this page. What started as ​notebook doodles in grade school evolved into my love for bringing ​design into all spaces. I'm an expert in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, & ​Premiere Pro, and proficient in InDesign and After Effects.

It took time and focus to become the kind of artist that can accept critique and use it to enthusiastically move forward. Now I delight in the opportunities to take feedback and make something better than before! I'm looking for a position that not only appreciates my current talents, but provides space and resources to learn and grow.

As a workplace culture champion I would love the opportunity to continue creating while fostering remote togetherness, and encouraging other employees and designers into being their most confident, productive, authentic selves.